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Monthly Winners 

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January 2020 

Lynne H - £102.50

February 2020

Diane F - £105.00


Gateway Community is fund raising by way of a 50/50 Club, it works simply by people paying £5 to enter that month’s draw, on the 1st day of the following month the draw takes place. If your name is generated by the google name generator then you win half of the money raised that month

Example: £100 raised in the month £50 to the winner and £50 to Gateway Community to help fund activities

It is a win/win for everyone Gateway get funds to help offer activities to the community, somebody wins money for themselves, everyone gets a good feeling because they are helping their community

The difference with our 50/50 to others is you do not have to sign up to it for 12 months like others you can dip in one month and if you don’t want to the next you don’t have to this is a no obligation fund raiser.

The club winner will be drawn on the 1st the following month you can buy into the club any month up to midnight on the last day of the month, and you can buy in as many times in the month as you like Example’ £5 one chance to win, £10 two chances to win, £15 three chances to win etc……………

The draw will be live videoed using google name generator to make the process fully transparent.

You can pay by cash at the centre, or via PayPal using gatewayc2017@outlook.com, or request bank details to pay via bank transfer on the same email

How much we have raised so far


This will go towards helping fund our parents group and Inspire taster session