Be Inspire 

Be Inspired 

All products on this site have been created by learners on the Inspire programme.

What some of our learners say:


I have really enjoyed learning new hobbies and crafts, as I have not been able to work due to illness and disability. I was really starting to get fed-up and down like I had no purpose anymore, after bringing my 3 girls up on my own and working on and off its made me feel more useful again, and I like to have a purpose. I have been really rusty with my math and English and not using my brain as much anymore, so it is really helping me use my brain again.

I am hoping I may find a career in the future that I am able to do from home through learning all the crafts, maths and English, which will really help. I would never of done these things without the opportunity I was given with the inspire course. I’m really enjoying it, having something to do and focus on. On good days I feel like I have a purpose again, and am thankful for all the help and encouragement that I have had from the tutors who are only a text or call away, making sure I had help and everything I needed.

Brilliant course! I would encourage people to give it a go if you need some purpose and help, you will learn a lot.


Since taking part in the inspire project I have got to experience so many different things and learnt so much from maths and English skills to tie dying and jewellery making to name a few things. I have also learnt business skills and had the opportunity to have 1:1 sessions with a life coach which has been beneficial to my mental health. All the staff I have had contact with have been absolutely lovely really easy to talk to and down to earth they are very knowledgeable in there roles and have made a difference in my life and and have helped me gain confidence.


At the beginning of joining the course I was very shy and had no friends. Since joining I have build up my confidence and courage to do things I never thought I could do. I used to be very apologetic thinking everything was my fault but the members doing the course helped me to realise I don’t have to be sorry for things that aren’t my fault! This course means a lot to me because it’s a massive booster to confidence and making many friends! I would highly recommend this course to anybody who is suffering or in a rut they can’t get out of to join this course to help make many new things and make friendships that last a life time! ❤️